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For most enterprises, an online presence is now crucial to the success of your business. Whether you’re a start-up and have never had a website, or your website is your business, we can help.

Even if you don’t think you need a website, do you know what your competition is up to? It could be that you’re losing customers to a similar business up the road simply because they’re online and you’re not.

We specialise in design and technology led solutions for start-ups, small businesses and larger established firms, with our expert multi-skilled team working with you to create something that ticks all the boxes. That means a website that looks great, is easy to find, easy to use and, most importantly, generates business.

The Insight process brings many elements of web design together, including creation and technical development, hosting and support, auditing, marketing and branding. Our skill is in making sure all those parts work together in perfect harmony towards your overall aims.

We can provide as little or as much support as you need, whether it’s creating a whole new website and brand from scratch, refreshing what you’ve got and making sure it’s performing as well as it should, or developing new functions and features as your business grows.


Web design & user experience

The quality of User Experience (UX) can be make or break for a modern website. Websites don’t win customers by having the most flashy features. They win by providing a meaningful experience that values the user’s time and attention.

At the root of every great website experience is a firm foundation of commercial analysis and design-led thinking. We break down the design process into smaller steps with mood boards, wireframing and working prototypes. This helps you visualise the website and ensure it’s on-brand, covers all the messaging you want to communicate, allows the user to complete all the tasks you want them to do and lives up to your expectations.


Content strategy

‘Content is king’, but it’s often underestimated in the web creation process for the enormous task it can be. Daunting as that may be, we make it manageable by working around your capacity or budget for content. We can recommend copywriters from our list of preferred suppliers, who’ll work with us to make the process as ‘hands off’ for you as possible. That said, the best content starts with you, the team behind the business; you’ll know most about the value you deliver to your customers – we’ll just help you get that across in the most effective way.


Web development

A lot of hard work happens behind the scenes that our clients never see, but it’s vital to ensure the websites we build are technically robust, future-proof, SEO ready and entirely responsive – meaning they load quickly on mobiles as well as other devices (mobile first). Our team of in-house developers relish the constant advances in technology and are always looking for a new challenge to make the final product that much better.



We put you in the driving seat by fully training you on how your website admin area works. Some clients prefer a ‘hands off’ approach, where they leave us to handle everything for them, while others like to retain control. Whatever your preference, we’ll discuss your access level needs early in the process, and either way we’ll provide training and documentation. You’ll be able to update your website content anytime, anywhere.


Website care plans and domains

If you host your website with us, you’ll receive a number of benefits intended to lighten the burden of maintaining an operational website. Your website will receive regular technical updates for WordPress and plugins, which are critical in keeping your site secure, fast and manageable. We’ll help with any minor changes such as amending content or adding a new product or service. You’ll get peace of mind from regular website backups, just in case.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to host elsewhere, we can help you with the transfer to your chosen server.


Maintenance and support

A website isn’t at its best when it’s left to sit and gather dust. You’ll get the most from it you treat it as a working document, which is constantly evolving alongside your values and service offering. Google’s ranking algorithm (search engine results) prizes websites which are seen as ‘fresh’, and by that we mean updated regularly and always growing.

From building landing pages to adding features, we can discuss a monthly maintenance or one-off package that suits the work that needs to be done. We can also help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), AdWords, blog copywriting and other methods of promoting your website.

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