We are proud to be different to other digital agencies because of the deeper understanding we have of the struggles businesses face.

This is applied throughout our work, but when required, we can step in and take a closer look at your path to growth through our bespoke consultancy services.

An objective perspective is invaluable to an SME (small to medium business), which is why our consultants take an aerial view on all facets of a business.

This enables them to see the bigger picture in a way that an owner manager entrenched in the day to day operation perhaps can’t. As owners of multiple business ourselves and with a specialism in SMEs and Micro-SMEs, we know that the guidance we give must be feasible and practical.

We place ourselves in your shoes and visualise what your world looks like as a business owner. From there, we help you to make decisions about where to focus your attention in order to survive and thrive. We’re not shy to propose a radical but necessary change if we think it’s right, and similarly, if we think an idea isn’t going to work, we’ll be open about it.

Our unique approach.

Compound knowledge

The competitive advantage that our consultancy provides is through the cumulative knowledge that our consultants have developed, not only through running their own businesses in a wide variety of sectors, but most importantly through the deep understanding we have developed in the close partnerships built with our clients.

Empowering you

Ultimately, the financial benefit to consultancy comes from not only the expertise and clarity we inject into a business, but also through putting the power in your hands. We empower you to do as much of the work as possible, instead of building a dependency which isn’t sustainable.

Growth strategy

Although sustainable and profitable growth can be slow progress, the external perspective of an experienced consultant can have a measurable impact. We take into consideration the organisational restraints and find the means to overcome them through a realistic growth strategy.

New product development

We can support you in the creation of a new product or service throughout the product life cycle, from idea to market. We’ll take a holistic view, looking at every interaction a customer might have with your product. More technically, we can guide you through the prototyping and manufacturing process, whether your concept is digital or physical.

Risk analysis

Through a feasibility study and our tried and tested risk analysis framework, we can critically assess the sustainability of your business position and strategy to find out what the risks are to both the business and its directors.

Strategic marketing

To supplement our online marketing expertise, when it’s required, we can take a more comprehensive examination of your marketing efforts, looking beyond the tactical strategy, toward a long-term business objective. We use a product evaluation and commercialisation strategy to fully analyse the routes to market you can take.

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