What goes into a brand?

The concept of ‘brand’ is complex and difficult to define – and is therefore often overlooked as an element of a successful business strategy.

It’s much more than a logo, which is also a vital component, but this is just one piece of a much larger puzzle.

A brand is an experience. It’s a whole set of values and perceptions associated with what your business promises to offer. In a world that’s more connected than ever, having a compelling brand, or corporate identity, is fundamental to any modern organisation, B2B or B2C.

The touchpoints you have with your customer – whether it’s a post on social media or a business card exchanged at a networking event, all make up a brand identity, designed to connect with people and communicate the value you can provide.

A memorable brand does not happen overnight. It is the product of long-term strategy, driven by extensive research, to capture the true essence of your business in a striking and long-lasting message. We help you discover and shape this message by building a complete picture of your audience and examining the competitive landscape to understand your organisation’s unique proposition in the market. We use imagery and storytelling to reflect your true character and values, translating this across the different interactions your customer may have with your brand.

Logo design

A modern logo is flexible and adaptable. Not only must it portray a consistent message across web and print, but it must also work within a variety of contexts; social media profiles, website favicons, or an animated intro sequence, perhaps. Gone is the static vector logo.


Words are used in almost every single touchpoint a brand has with its customers, so typography makes up a significant proportion of a visual identity. Deciding what classification of type to use can have a powerful impact on the personality you portray. A hierarchy is set to ensure legibility, flexibility and consistency across all branding collateral.

Colour scheme

Colour resonates with us. Though not an exact science, it can have complicated cultural and societal connotations which must be considered when designing a brand’s colour palette. As the most recalled aspect of a visual identity, colour plays an imperative role in brand recognition, so keeping colours consistent across web and print is essential.

Photography style

An inconsistent imagery strategy can leave marketing material feeling disconcerting or jarring. A consistent approach is fundamental to ensure your personality is portrayed authentically, especially for E-Commerce businesses where photography is one of the biggest deciding factors for a customer.

Tone of voice

The words you say encompasses the values and promises you make as a brand, as well as building trust and authenticity. Each touchpoint with your customer may require a different tone of voice, even down to the level of an individual social media platform compared to another, but nonetheless, it must sound as if it comes from the same operation.


The name you pick for your organisation is perhaps the hardest aspect to change as it is displayed everywhere, from your logo to your domain name. A memorable name can be the factor which enables your brand to stand the test of time and instill advocacy amongst your audience. However, finding a name which has a suitable domain name and available social media handles can be a challenge.

Frequent questions

Yes, this is definitely a possibility which we’d be happy to discuss further and agree on a payment plan to suit your cash flow requirements (subject to terms and conditions).

Your branding, marketing and website will be most effective when considered as one integrated strategy, so it’s hugely beneficial to manage these under one roof. Most of our clients have a brand refresh, build their website with us, and then go on to use our marketing services on an ongoing basis.

A logo is only one aspect of your brand identity. Although we’re happy to take on logo projects, we prefer to consider this alongside the other elements which make up a brand strategy such as typography, colour schemes, photography style guide and tone of voice.

We work with a wide variety of business sectors, as well as individuals.

A brand tends to continuously evolve as a business grows, and requirements for branding may increase as time goes on. We can refresh your logo for you, and create a full brand identity which is in keeping with your current marketing efforts but also gives you direction for the future.


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