Answer & Questions

  • What is Bost Technology?

    Bost Tech is a full-service information technology development company offering innovative website development, mobile app & desktop development, digital marketing, we hosting, cloud software and software support and maintenance for businesses. Our elite engineers, designers and developers build enhanced custom software, apps, websites, e-commerce sites, enterprise systems and start-ups.

  • What type of projects do you do?

    We build websites, portals, CMS ( Custom Manangement Systems), blogs; develop mobile applications and desktop softwares, handle digital marketing, web hosting, installations, hardware solutions and general IT solutions.

  • How do I start a project?

    That is very simple! Contact the admin either via email, call or live chat or even meet in person and discuss your project. You will get feedback from us as soon as possible and kick off on the development process.

  • Does Bost Tech offer advisory services?

    We do offer technical advisory services that can help boost the productivity of your business with a range of tools in digital marketing and general IT solutions.

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